Friday, October 07, 2005

Jed Clampet

O.K., so I finally have something worth posting.

I was on my way back from lunch today with some friends. We ate Thai food, and I tried some duck curry, which was really good. I've never had duck that I enjoy before because the only duck I've ever eaten has been duck I shot. Really gamey and oily tasting, and there's nothing worse than biting down to find a steel BB that you missed while you were cleaning them. I commented that it was the first time I had eaten farmed duck, and that I don't like wild duck. One of my friends asked me if it was any good, which I told her it wasn't. She told me that maybe I wasn't cooking it right, to which I replied, "well, I did make some jerky out of it once that wasn't that bad..." Pretty much the whole car laughed at the same time, but the humor was lost on me. I didnt' think I had said anything funny. Then one of the girls commented that she loved hearing my statements like, "I made some jerky out of it once..." that you don't hear ever day in Albany, and they all laughed in approval. I was still confused, because as far as I was concerned, there wasn't anything unusual about what I said. It was another one of those realizations of how different of a culture it is out here. I'm gaining a reputation as being a country boy, which I'm not. But then again, by comparison to many of the people out here, I'm a regular Jed Clampet.
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