Monday, November 14, 2005

Son of a...!!

So I have been working on that stupid resolution since sometime in September. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I go public with it, something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

I got to Contracts this morning, pulled my pilfered highlighter and pilfered pen out of my pocket (not pilfered) to get ready to be studious. I tried to take some notes in the column of my Contracts case book, and guess what? My d-word pen wouldn't write because it blew up!! I think it only happened b/c I just went public with my goal yesterday. Fortunately it didn't get ink anywhere other than on my hand. Great way to start a week. So I had to sit there in class next to the guy who smells like pee (I've tried to be a good person and not rip on him for that fact, but I passed my tipping point last week. I'm really tired of having a stiff back and neck from leaning WAY to my right b/c he stinks so bad.) stewing in the fact that I failed in my resolution. CRAP!! Back to square one.

So now I have to figure out which other pen I want to make my project pen. I nabbed one off a table from someone trying to sell me something today, and it looks cool, but it doesn't write well. Grr... But rest assured, I will not be deterred (whoa, a rhyme! Let's see how far I can go with it...) though my efforts seem absurd, my goal will not be abjured. OK, that wasn't too far, but it was fun anyway.

But the good news was that the same table of people trying to sell me crap had highlighters. So I filled my pockets. My stockpile is officially up to 12, and I didn't pay for one of them! This Thursday is Barbri day, and they put tons out on the table. I'm going to hook myself up phat!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Year's resolution

OK, so my blog sucks. I frequently think about posting something, but most of the funny things that I think of day in day out are things that would only be funny to other law students. Translation: not funny at all, sometimes painfully not so. All that aside, I noticed that 152 people have viewed my profile. Who the hell are they? So far I've had my sister, her husband, one person not related to me and a blog spammer leave comments. Other than that, the only people that look are related to me. Pathetic. Anyway, on to the meat of what I have to say.

I'm of the opinion that New Year's resolutions suck. They're often tritely made with little to no intention of following through. --At least mine always were. So a long time ago I decided that the only New Year's resolution I would ever set would be not to write the wrong year on checks. I write approximately 15 checks a year now, so that isn't too tough. But I've decided to push myself and set a difficult, meaningful goal. I actually started on it back in September and have already failed, so I'm starting over now. Here it is:

During orientation week at the law school there were all kinds of organizations handing out free crap like water bottles, post it notes and what not. One group was handing out highlighters and pens. Good idea. The pen was just one of those cheap rollerball throw away kinds that Bic has deluged the earth with. Anyway, I was looking at it the other day and I realized that I don't think I have ever used one of those cheap Bic roller ball pens all the way to exhaustion. Bam!! New Year's resolution made. So my goal is to hang on to this pen I got from the New York State Bar Association until it is completely out of ink. I may retire before that happens, so this is not a flippantly made goal.

Not long after that idea occurred to me, I had an idea for another goal. Every Thursday, Barbri (a company that sells unbelievably expensive bar review classes; no lie, most people have to take a separate loan out to pay for the class, then a separate loan to pay the fee to take the bar. And then people wonder why attorneys are expensive...) has a table set up to get students to enroll in their classes. They have free pens and highlighters on the table, so I've been going by each week for the last few weeks and pilfering their supply of free highlighters. Last week I think I nabbed six. I'm going to try to get at least ten this week. But they only put out so many of them in the color I like. I figure I'm paying them a few thousand dollars for a review course, I'm entitled to a few hundred markers. My goal is to finish law school without ever having purchased a highlighter. That is a much more lofty goal than the one with the pen, as I use highlighters a lot more than pens. Sometimes I'm one of those dorks that reads a case, or article, highlighting the important parts, only to realize when I finish that I only left two or three lines un-highlit. I've burned through three highlighters so far.

So there are my goals. I'm going to use a Bic rollerball pen until it's completely dry, and I'm never going to buy a highlighter in law school. Nothing like meaningful, lofty goals, right?

Oh, and I should probably find some time go get out and date a little more. Maybe I'll leave that to be my 2007 resolution. I wouldn't want to rush things.

--A little more? All I would have to do is go on dates bi-annually and I would meet that goal at my current pace.
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