Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awesome summer

Well, it's that time of the year again. Summer is over, and school has started again. That means it's time for me to spend large amounts of time trying to find something to do other than homework. The only consolation to starting school again is that I am a mere 9 months away from finishing school


So the summer was pretty much awesome in every sense of the word. I did lots of fun stuff, despite the fact that I didn't post any of it. Unfortunately, I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of the things I did, or someone else took them, and I never got copies. But, I did get some cool photos from my Havasupai trip. Here are a couple of shots from the trip:

That's my porcelain white self in the foreground.

I'm still waiting for a girl to email me what will ultimately prove to be the coolest picture of me taken this summer. The weekend before coming back to NY, we decided to go on a night time dirt bike ride into the mountains. This was a great idea, but there was the problem that I have never ridden a motorbike, much less taken a dirt bike off road. So a friend of mine rounded up an 80 cc Yamaha that was probably intended for someone 20 years my junior. Just watching the suspension sag was all you would need to know that it wasn't designed for hauling a gut sack like this guy. Anyway, I went tooling around on a motorcycle that was barely taller than my knees. Mind you, this was in the middle of the night, and the bike didn't have a head light. So I wore a head lamp. Awesome really doesn't do the experience justice.

The very next day, we went to a place where you can jump a bike into a pond. I originally decided I wasn't going to do it. I had to be on a plane the next morning, and didn't want to risk breaking something. Then a couple of girls took the jump. I knew I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if a couple of girls did something and I was too chicken to do it, so I went. This is what it looked like:

So thanks to everyone that made this summer such a blast. It sucks that it's over, but it was all kinds of fun.

-And the greatest time of the sports year is only a week and a half away...
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