Friday, April 28, 2006

What you talkin' bout, Willus?

So my life is basically lame right now, which doesn't exactly make for interesting blogging. But my little bro went to Moab a few weekends ago for the jeep safari, and wound up with some interesting photos that I'd like share with all four people who look at my blog regularly. As you'll see, it is a cultural event to be reckoned with.

Allow me to point out some of my favorite points of this photo:
1) The pregnant chick who is about to pick a wedgie.
2) The dude looking at his phone--He's got both nipples pierced, and what appear to be Birkenstocks. Kind of a weird thing for a redneck, isn't it?
3) The guy with his pants tucked into his boots
4) Same guy, porcelain white wife beater tan line
5) Same guy, beer belly
6) Same guy, hooking his thumb on his pocket
7) Same guy, can of Cope' in his back pocket
8) Crushed beer cans on the ground
9) Dude in the back of the truck with a plug between the lip and gums and the Cat hat
10) Requisite Calvin peeing on something picture
11) Dude in the bed of the truck sporting the cowboy hat, no shirt, sunburn and white Adidas sneakers with ankle socks look. Can't know for sure, but I'd bet he's wearing cut-off Wranglers.
12) Dude with the bling sitting on the tailgate. Note the bad sunburn and broken sunglasses.
13) Dude sitting on the top of his truck in the background, top left of the photo: check out the hair and the socks.
14) Dude with the green shorts and the knife clipped to his pocket.

I'm telling you, I just keep finding more gems here. Feel free to post any that I might have overlooked. But wait, there are other great photos...

Point of interest of this photo is so obvious that it's not even worth pointing out. Next photo!

That's Willus sporting the Corona hat. Dork. From this angle, I would guess male. Gross. Next photo!

What would a redneck event be without loose women? Gotta love the hunny truck. Check out how everyone is looking at the same thing. Who knows what was going on... Here's one of my favorite parts about this picture:

Pick your jaw back up off the ground, son! And reach over and pinch your buddy with the glasses so he knows he's not dreaming. Busted gawking.

Or how about at this girl:

Note the long pants (Moab, y'all. At least 80 degrees) and look of consternation. I love it!

Whoa, man! A big thanks to Willus for sending me all the desktop background material I'll be needing for the next few months.

Now, I ask you: could it ever get any cooler? I think not.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

B Money's breakout!

Most of you don't know B Money, which is sad, really. There's a lot I could say about the guy, but little I could say isn't summed up in this video. He's one of the funniest people I know. Those of you in Provo might recognize him. He's probably knocked on your door and tried to sell you Brunson Brothers music, or something. Seriously, he's one of my favorite people on the earth, so I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Munster's video
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