Monday, January 28, 2008

'Bout as worthless as teats on a boar hog

You'll forgive the title of this entry. But I heard a real redneck (woman) say it in high school, and I thought it was hilarious, so it's stuck with me. It's also how I'm feeling these days. Here's why:

This is my current schedule. You'll notice that it is not exactly rigorous. It's left me lots of time to do things such as read lots of random Wikipedia articles, and watch about every Mythbusters episode ever made. Twice.

On top of all that, I'm sick right now, and I think there's a legitimate threat that my face could explode at any moment. I just hope that if it happens, it happens in the privacy of my home b/c that would be embarrassing.

And the workout regimen listed has been heavily modified from what is listed, but I have some good reasons for that.

1. I don't want to get up early to workout because a) getting up early sucks; and b) leaving it for later in the day leaves me something to do in the evenings once I'm done with my homework, which usually happens very early in the evening.

2. I'm now officially serious about the triathlon thing. Progress update: I ran 6 miles the other day, stacking 10 minute miles. Not too bad for someone who just started running 2.5 weeks ago. I have no trouble swimming a mile, and and am getting pretty good about pushing myself harder, and not letting myself wuss out. I did the mile in about 35 minutes the other day, though that's not an actual time as I didn't really keep track. I need to start doing that. I haven't swam until exhaustion for a while now, but the last time I came close to it, I swam 1.5 miles. But for all that, I'm probably not going to be able to try to do an actual triathlon until summer '09. I still don't have a bike and I don't want to buy one just to transport it across the country.

Anyway, the fact that I haven't gotten around to changing my workout regimen just underscores the title of this entry. Lazy piece of garbage, this guy.

Um... That's about it. But a few of my friends have told me that I should always include pictures in my posts. So here are a few pictures that in no way relate to this post.

I thought this was hilarious. So I'm a nerd. So what?

It was really, really bright.

What is with these guys? If you believe something that strongly, then get your own carcass out there to support your cause. Paying people to go out and protest your cause is lame. Especially when your cause is that someone else under-bid you so you didn't get the job.

Um. That is all.


charlotta-love said...

rent a bike. No excuses!

(except my foot kills me everytime I run...I think I cracked a tarsel. :o( That is a good excuse for me to not do a triathlon)

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